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here is a short overview of our organization:

Heavy Music Estonia (Eesti Raskemuusikaliit) is a Non-Governmental Organization that brings together heavy music professionals in Estonia, providing support, resources, and a platform for collaboration. It’s a community where musicians, producers, engineers, and other industry professionals can come together to share knowledge, network, and support one another.

One of the primary goals of Heavy Music Estonia is to promote heavy music and culture in Estonia, and to help local artists and bands gain visibility and recognition on a local as well as international level. The union also advocates for the rights of heavy music professionals, and works to improve the conditions and opportunities for those working in the industry.

Through events, workshops, and other initiatives, Heavy Music Estonia provides valuable resources and education for its members. And with a growing membership base and a strong community, the union is poised to make a real impact in the world of heavy music.

Our scopes and objectives:

  • Local and international promotion and support of Estonian heavy music
  • Training and lectures for artists and business professionals
  • Facilitating the connection of these trained professionals with international networks
  • Improving the overall performance of Estonian heavy music scene
  • Creating and maintaining an information platform about local heavy music.

How do we support?

  • Financial support (concerts and tours, educational courses, conferences among others)
  • Organizing workshops, training and lectures
  • Participating in music conferences and showcases
  • Supporting Estonian artists and music professionals at conferences and showcases

Our Partners:

Music Estonia
Tallinn Music Week
The Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Ministry of Culture
Laus & Partners Law Office

Ott Evestus (Chairman of the Board)
phone: 003725072253
email :

Danel Pandre (member of the board)

Märt Truman (member of the board)